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Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai says he wants to fix the agency's net neutrality rules.The FCC is set to vote on a proposal this month that will revisit the rules governing net neutrality, once again opening up the issue for debate.Pai, a Republican appointed in January as chairman by President Donald Trump, says he supports the principles of an open and free internet but doesn't like the utility-style legal framework the rules were based on.Pai, who served on the FCC as a commissioner when the rules were adopted, opposes the so-called Title II classification under the Communications Act for broadband because he says it's discouraged broadband companies, especially smaller ones, from investing in their networks.He says it doesn't make sense to apply regulation meant for the Depression-era phone network to modern wireless and broadband communications networks.But Pai's predecessor, Democrat Tom Wheeler, has said the new designation for broadband provided a legal framework for the net neutrality rules that ensured the rules would stand up to court challenges. A federal appeals court last year upheld the FCC's 2015 rules, and last week it threw out a request to rehear the case.

He urged consumers to get involved by sounding off to legislators and policymakers about the necessity of net neutrality.The FCC wasn't immediately available to comment on the segment.As was the case with Oliver's initial rant on the subject three years ago, the ensuing online commotion appeared to cause the FCC's servers to crash.On Monday, the FCC said its website suffered slowdowns due to multiple DDo S attacks, not the HBO comedian.CNET sat down with Chairman Pai at the FCC's headquarters in Washington, where he explained his position and said he'll be open to wherever the facts take him in rewriting the rules. The polls seemed to suggest that the result was going to go one way.

And then as the evening rolled on, the results were going in a different direction.

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Cbs printable coupon updating account