Database updating

Changes the schedule settings for the specified job.

sp_update_jobschedule [@job_id =] job_id, | [@job_name =] 'job_name', [@name =] 'name' [, [@new_name =] 'new_name'] [, [@enabled =] enabled] [, [@freq_type =] freq_type] [, [@freq_interval =] freq_interval] [, [@freq_subday_type =] freq_subday_type] [, [@freq_subday_interval =] freq_subday_interval] [, [@freq_relative_interval =] freq_relative_interval] [, [@freq_recurrence_factor =] freq_recurrence_factor] [, [@active_start_date =] active_start_date] [, [@active_end_date =] active_end_date] [, [@active_start_time =] active_start_time] [, [@active_end_time =] active_end_time] [@job_id =] job_id Is the identification number of the job to which the schedule belongs.

job_id is uniqueidentifier, with a default of NULL. Note Either job_id or job_name must be specified but both cannot be specified.

[@job_name =] 'job_name' Is the name of the job to which the schedule belongs. [@name =] 'name' Is the name of the schedule to modify. [@new_name =] 'new_name' Is a new name for the schedule. [@enabled =] enabled Specifies whether the schedule is enabled (1) or not enabled (0). [@freq_type =] freq_type Specifies how often the job is run.

[@freq_recurrence_factor =] freq_recurrence_factor Specifies the number of months between the scheduled execution of the job. 0 (success) or 1 (failure) sp_update_jobschedule must be run from the msdb database.freq_recurrence_factor is used only if freq_type is 8, 16, or 32. [@active_end_time =] active_end_time Is the time on any day between active_start_date and active_end_date to end execution of the job. Updating a job schedule increments the job version number. This example disables and changes the name of the Monday Archive schedule of the Archive Tables job.freq_recurrence_factor is int, with a default of NULL. If active_start_date is not NULL, the date must be greater than or equal to 19900101. [@active_start_time =] active_start_time Is the time on any day between active_start_date and active_end_date to begin execution of the job. [@active_start_date =] active_start_date Is the date on which execution of the job can begin. [@active_end_date =] active_end_date Is the date on which execution of the job can stop. You can share your Raspberry Pi's files and folders across a network using a piece of software called Samba, a Linux implementation of the Server Message Block protocol.

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Sp_update_jobschedule must be run from the msdb database. Updating a job scheduleincrements the job version number. Permissions. 
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Database updating introduction

Database updating

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