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Jurors heard that by the early hours of February 15, Mr Abdulaziz was left so worn down and injured - having suffered a 'cauliflower' ear and swollen eye from previous assaults - that he simply let Saud kill him without a fight.

The prince claimed he had woken in the afternoon to find he could not revive his friend - now stiff with rigor mortis - and explained his injuries by saying he had been attacked and robbed of 3,000 euros in London's Edgware Road a few weeks before.

Detectives took him to the area to try to retrace the route but as they did so other officers were reviewing CCTV at the hotel - and found disturbing footage of Saud mercilessly attacking his aide in a lift on January 22.

Saud tried to cover up the true nature of his relationship with his servant, claiming they were 'friends and equals' but a porter at the £259-a-night Landmark Hotel where they were staying said Mr Abdulaziz was treated 'like a slave'.

The prince also claimed he was heterosexual and had a girlfriend in Saudi Arabia, but he had booked appointments with at least two male escorts and one gay masseur, and looked at hundreds of images of men on gay websites. He had killed Bandar.'The court heard that homosexuality remains a capital offence in Saudi Arabia, with the country in which the acts take place having little relevance to the prosecution, under the country's sharia law code.'He knows as he has no doubt been advised that if the time arises that a return to Saudi Arabia is contemplated and there is then a real risk to him suffering, he will be entitled to apply for asylum.' The pair lived a life of idleness, getting up in the afternoon and perhaps squeezing in a shopping trip to Selfridges or Harrods before moving on to dine at eateries such as Nobu and drink at trendy celebrity night-spots.

This verdict clearly shows no-one, regardless of their position, is above the law.'British police faced a wall of silence when trying to get background information from their Saudi counterparts, according to a source close to the investigation into prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud.They have no knowledge of whether the prince has a history of violence.In addition, the owner of a Saudi-registered telephone that he spent hours communicating with around the time of the killing remains unknown.Requests for information about the backgrounds of the prince and his servant, next of kin, telephones and sim cards were made through Interpol and received by authorities in the kingdom, said the source.It’s a sad fact of life: Absolute monarchies generate more crazy stories than democratic republics.

While the common people of the Saudi state are subject to strict rules and tender mercies of the religious police, the royal family are subject to no such restrictions and live lives of luxury and adventure.

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Dating cam tube saudi arabia introduction

Dating cam tube saudi arabia

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