Dating china culture

The area in which the culture is dominant covers a large geographical region in eastern Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly between provinces, cities, and even towns as well.With China being one of the earliest ancient civilizations, Chinese culture is extremely diverse and varying, and it has a profound effect in the philosophy, virtue, etiquette and traditions of Asia to date.Chinese culture is considered the dominant culture in East Asia historically.Chinese language, ceramics, architecture, music, dance, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts, philosophy, business etiquette, religion, politics and history have a profound impact on the world, while its traditions and festivals are also celebrated, instilled and practiced by people around Asia.From the Qin Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty (221 BC-AD 1840), the Chinese government divided Chinese people into four classes: landlord, peasant, craftsmen, and merchant.Landlords and peasants constituted the two major classes, while merchant and craftsmen were collected into the two minor.Theoretically, except for the position of the Emperor, nothing was hereditary.

The term Zhonghua Minzu (Chinese: 中华民族,中華民族) has been used to describe the notion of Chinese nationalism in general.

Much of the traditional identity within the community has to do with distinguishing the family name.

During the 361 years of civil war after the Han dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), there was a partial restoration of feudalism when wealthy and powerful families emerged with large amounts of land and huge numbers of semi-serfs.

They dominated important civilian and military positions of the government, making the positions available to members of their own families and clans.

Traditional Chinese culture covers large geographical territories, where each region is usually divided into distinct sub-cultures.

Each region is often represented by three ancestral items.

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Dating china culture introduction

Dating china culture

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