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Dating different race

He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female . What if a Chinese person were to marry a Polynesian, or an African with very dark skin were to marry a Japanese person, or a person from India were to marry a person from America with very light skin—would these marriages be in accord with biblical principles?

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother . But what about being joined with someone from another people group in the covenant relationship of marriage?

and the two shall become one flesh.’” It’s one thing to be theoretically willing to embrace those from other people groups as our brothers and sisters, and perhaps even as our friends.

What if one of believe about those from other people groups—and there are a significant number of Christians (particularly in America) who would claim that such “interracial” marriages directly violate God’s principles in the Bible, and should not be allowed.

They say that clearly implies that God wants to keep the nations apart and that God is declaring that people from different people groups can’t marry.

A simple study of this passage, however, reveals no such message.

It’s clear from the context that God scattered the people at the Tower of Babel because of their disobedience and arrogance.

He speaks nothing about “the races” and nothing about marriage. In fact, at this point in human history the different people groups didn’t even exist! I have heard certain churches and even certain Christian colleges say, “The Bible says you’re not allowed to marry someone from a different race.

The Israelites were told not to marry the Canaanites.” Is that true? There were isolated incidents in Scripture where God forbade the Israelites to marry those from other nations.

But in each of these circumstances, the problem is not the other people’s “race,” but rather their spiritual condition. God knew that if they took wives and husbands from these ungodly groups, that they would be tempted and led away from their devotion to the one true God.

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31-Oct-2018 06:03
I like this girl who is Armenian, but Im Latino. I know that her family is strict when it comes to dating. She is my co-worker but she is always inside my. 
31-Oct-2018 06:07
Some even say that the word race should be. from different “people groups.” Real biblical. the real “inter-racial” marriage that God says. 
31-Oct-2018 06:11
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31-Oct-2018 06:15

Dating different race introduction

Dating different race