Deadly internet dating horror stories

Its been nearly 3 months since NO MAN'S SKY came nearly 2 months since Sean Murray has tweeted.So when a tweet saying No Man's Sky was a mistake appeared on Hello Games's twitter feed, everyone jumped on it to find out what was going everyone got different answers.

Fast forward a few months and a few articles later, seeing how people were talking about it, it was almost obvious the game was going to be a spectacular disappointment because of all that hype. That has nothing to do with Hello Games' lies though.

And yeah, of course there were people who made it up to be some kind of revelation, but expecting to get what was - and still is - advertised is not an unrealistic expectation.

Brotmeister I saw the same trailers as everybody else, I thought the game looked good, but it wasn't as great as some people were making it out to be.

Then the delay to august came and people started sending death threats to the devs, that is some crazy shit, especially over an indie game.

Brandon Johnson People are always blaming the hype, but really hype doesn't have much to do with this.

The claims made by Murray, the gameplay videos, screenshots and trailers - none of that was representative of the final game.

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Deadly internet dating horror stories introduction

Deadly internet dating horror stories

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