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Free 121 sex chatrooms

If you say hi to me in chat and i don't reply, please send me a PM hello, i can become oblivious to the main room, but this is not because im being ignorant to you.

- - - - - - NO MALE ADMIRERS NO PHOTO NO CHAT Index ------- 1 - Please read BEFORE YOU PRIVATE MESSAGE ME 2 - Intro blurb – can be skipped 3 - A taste of me 4 - Thoughts and Quotes 5 - Helping otheres 6 - Pet hates 7 - About my surgery 8 - About me 9 - Music selection for SRS 10 - Music selection for travelling for SRS 11 - Where angels rest 12 - Recipe – chicken satay chilli noodle soup 13 - A Low quality joke :) 1 - ---------- READ THIS BEFORE YOU PRIVATE MESSAGE ME I have spent a lot of time on my profile, you can get a flavor of me in less than 30 seconds.

If this first page makes you think im not a nice person, its only from long exposure to those people who are inconsiderate, don't want to find out about a person, are seeking sex above friendship and/or skip directly to the pictures. Close to the bottom is my recipe for Chicken Satay Chilli Noodle Soup. Im also shy about approaching such subjects so this could be difficult for me.

--- - - - - - - NO MALE ADMIRERS NO PHOTO NO CHAT DON' T TELL ME YOUR A LESBIAN IF YOUR DON' T INTEND TO / OR HAVE A VAGINA. 3 - A taste of me ------------------- : I'm looking for friends.

DON' T OPEN A PRIVATE CHAT AND ONLY SAY HI 2 - Blurb ---------- Specail offer!!!!! Use a sharp object to scratch off to see your winning code: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ Special Offer!!!! : Not into men in any way sexually, : Pre op are not the same as men.

: I've been post operative for a number of years and im very happy and confident in my gender.

: I would love to live on a boat, a blue water cruiser, and one evening to be sitting in a bar having a drink and have some one ask me, ' So what are you doing tomorrow?' and to say with a pleasant smile, ' Tomorrow, Tomorrow im sailing to Tahiti, I'm going to see the world at the speed of the wind.' : I love perfumes.Prada is my new dark perfume, Beautifull by Este Lauder, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel #5 and Co Co Chanel too, but Sunflowers is saved for summer days.: I can be Loving, caring, wise and stupid, volatile and calm, whitty and sarcastic, Laugh at myself as well as with otheres, : I like have a meal out now and then, share quality time with friends old and new : To watch a sun set and a sunrise, marvel at the wonder of a daisy, so small, so fragile and yet amazing. I would love to hear from any other tg who thought i might be worth chatting to or more ?: My gender is first in my head, then reflected in my body, clothes dont make me any more female than a butterfly would, but both are pretty to look at :) : Here would be a good place to say that those who are impressed with themselfs, for some thing they were born with and didnt have to work hard at or earn... : If you want to impress me you may have read Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. 4 - Thoughts and Quotes ---------------------------- Courage is Not having no fear and doing something.

Courage is having fear, your bowels turning to water, and still doing it. 5 - Helping otheres ---------------------- I am not a qualified or trained counsellor, but have more than once found my self in the position of trying to help people with issues in their lives that they have found it difficult to cope with.

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Free 121 sex chatrooms introduction

Free 121 sex chatrooms