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Free sex matches and chating with the girl

bike , have, a, I, got, red._________________________________________________2. Helen, name, her, is.____________________________________________________IV. a, is, teacher, ____________________________________________________she.______________________________________________________4. want , my friend, a pilot, to be.___________________________________________5. a) I am fine, thanks.b) I am not old.c) I am nine.a) He is from Africa.b) He is a pupil.c) He is at home.4. a) He is my uncle.b) He is ten.c) He is an economist.5. a) She is a doctor.b) She is my sister.c) She is from Russia. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. He is from _____________________________________.2. I like to ________________________________________.3. My bike is ______________________________________.4. Her name is _____________________________________.5. Let’s ____________ a book.a) reads b) read c) to read5. We _________________ a little sister.a) have got b) got c) has got 2. My Granny _____________ to play computer games.a) like b) to like c) likes4. Where _______ your sister like to play with her friends?

We _________ like to play.a) aren’t b) don’t c) isn’t4. I like ____________ little house.a) this b) these c) those7.

Peter can __________ very well.a) runs b) run c) to run6. a) a businessman b) businessman c) businessmen10.a) mice b) doll c) box Kate has got five __________________.

I want to have fish for _____________________________.

We have got nice white ______________ in our mouths.6.

_________ don’t like cats.a) The dog b) The mouse c) Mice4.

a) do you play b) are you playing c) are you play6.

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Free sex matches and chating with the girl introduction

Free sex matches and chating with the girl

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