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BTS has been making headlines left and right after the release of their latest album 'Love Yourself: Her,' and one of the most interesting happens to be about the "secret relationship" composer and rapper Rap Monster happens to "be" in.

Fans speculated that the song "Outro: Her" is about a person Rap Monster loves due to the moving lyrics.

During an interview with Bill Board, Rap Monster revealed he was able to write the verse and chorus for this love song in just 20 minutes because he was so passionate about it.

Rap Monster said, Although Rap Monster or Big Hit Entertainment have responded to the rumors or confirmed his alleged relationship, the confession-like statement has fans wondering who he is in love with and if he is dating someone now.

We've already a monster harem with Monster Musume No Nichijou but It's with Monster Girls with a male human. Anyway, they better not touch Greg Cipes' as Mikey or Donatello ....

To be honest, I prefer the classic cute/beautifull girl with more common but badass creatures like dragon, werewolf,etc... I don't know if that applies here, but if anyone is interested its out there. no one can replace Rob Paulsen, he is a voice acting GAWD....& better yet, he is an APRILTELLO FAN!

In her darkest hour, a mysterious magus appears before Chitose, offering a chance she couldn't turn down. This is made worst when they can't understand each other. so slowly but surly, can they build a bridge of understanding? You can buy it here at Check out this ANIME short ROBOT ON THE ROADThere is this anime short which looks pretty wicked...

This magus who seems closer to demon than human, will he bring her the light she desperately seeks, or drown her in ever deeper shadows? SO I saw this cartoon & only thing I can think of.... Beast his Pet School Girl There is a comic that is in Japanese but it has this concept where a school girl is taken to a world where beasts are people & humans are pets... She tries to find a way to get back home while the Wolf that had adopted her showers her with gifts & cares for her. it has the classic road trip story of boy meets girl....

It was even featured in NHK as a SURPRISED hit in Japan... v=gxl Mxc K7Qu IThank to :iconmerrypaws: for recommending this manga. if there was a cartoon sitcom was like this, it would be a riot... Here we have just an average home life in a not so average family...

You can find it here at .

Be it robots or anthro or alien or mythical with a romantic story? if anyone else knows of any good cartoons on Youtube that are themed like our club, then come on down & comment... Well anyway, I want Leonardo to be the same, Biggs pulls off a great Leo...

' Red' A Twist on Lil' Red Riding Hood Can we not see how cute this is? So does anyone know of another animation that has star crossed romance? KWatch this hilarious cartoon called "Meet Buck" by S. Human & Anthro Romances don't seem to be perfect..the best things in life are not perfect... We are going to start featuring great shorts here of Anthro & Human Romances... So here is a rumor about the our latest favorite human & anthro show..... So Raphael voiced by Seth green is not that bad of an idea...

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