Nude cheerleaders chat

It was a long walk to where I parked my car and I had to pee. You can explain to my sergeant why you were in the women's room naked and playing with yourself." I ran.

Sure, I could have ducked around a pole in this underground garage, whipped it out, and peed against the wall.

There was plenty of evidence that others had done the same but, with my luck, a woman would step out from of no where, seen me, and called the cops.

After all, there were reports of a serial rapist still at large.

" I looked up with cock in hand at the cutest blonde cheerleader I have ever seen standing on the toilet and looking down at me over the stall. Julie, there's a guy in here jerking off over you shaving your pussy." "Oh, my God! I collapsed back against the stall and fell backwards against the toilet. Where did these girls so young learn to suck cock like that?

Man, they were young but it sure felt good staring at them while I pulled my— "Hey, what are you doing, you pervert? " Still naked, Julie ran over to the stall, stood on the toilet with her friend, and peered over the top. "Since you have seen us naked, we want to see you naked. We want to see your cock." "Listen, please, I can't do that. She pulled me out and I erupted again all over her face and hair. Thank God for at least that much..that was such a fine blowjob.

I reached for my cock, unzipped, pulled it out, and started playing with myself. Soon, all the girls were peering over the stall at me. "Yeah, I'd like to do that, too." She turned to me. The naked girl, immediately, started fondling my cock. One by one the cheerleaders knelt before me sucking me off until, I could not hold back anymore and let loose with such an eruption of cum, it just shot in the girl's mouth whose turn it was to blow me.

Now, here were young women walking around in panties and bras, oh, my God, there are a couple who are topless and Jesus Christ, one naked and shaving her pussy in the sink before my eyes. Wright." "Let me see," said another cheerleader, then another. Two of the girls were still topless covering their nakedness with their hands and the other girl stood there before me naked and making no attempt to cover herself. Then, the naked girl whispered something to her friend who held the cell phone. " "We are all old enough, now strip." Reluctantly, I stripped off my clothes.

Quickly, I darted inside, ran to the last stall at the end, and closed and bolted the door. If there was a contest for peeing, I would have taken first place. Butch Bitch and had to run laps for the next two weeks. I had to pee and the men's room was out of order and please let me stay here until you leave. You were jerking off over us." "If you do not come out and come out now, I will call the cops on my cell phone." Sheepishly, I unlocked the door and exited the safety of my stall.

I wondered if the Guinness Record Book had such a record on file. I remembered when I was in college, nearly ten years earlier, geez, has it been ten years, already, when I tried peeking in at the cheerleaders who showered every day, promptly at 6pm and got caught by their coach, Mrs.

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Nude cheerleaders chat introduction

Nude cheerleaders chat

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