Red flags on internet dating sites

It seems that you can’t turn around without encountering some kind of Internet Scam these days.Scammers are duping people with increased efficiency, Their tactics and methods have evolved and become more and more refined.Scammers are constantly learning from their mistakes.

Luckily for potential scam victims, one of the biggest clues that you’re about to get scammed is the fact that whoever is trying to scam you doesn’t have a strong command of the language of the country they are attempting to scam you in.

They may have believable letterhead and their perfectly crafted scam email may look extremely credible but their poor use of grammar destroys the illusion and hopefully tips you off that something is wrong because you know that a large bank with a strong reputation would not have basic grammar issues in an email it sent to thousands of its customers.

If the language is off in any way, you should be on alert and look for other red flags that might confirm your suspicions. They Need to “Confirm” Some Personal Information Scammers need your personal information and they will say or do just about anything to get it.

If they just asked for it then you would likely instantly say no.

Scammers know this fact and will often use other methods to elicit the information.

In order to bypass your mental defense mechanisms, scammers will often tell you that they already have your information and just need you to “confirm” it for them.

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Red flags on internet dating sites introduction

Red flags on internet dating sites

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